How to use 007VoIP

  • Use our service with your Smartphone and try the following options by:

    • Installing a softphone in your smartphone (Login on our website and get yours in the download section)
    • Using a local access number. The Access number works like a calling card; you need to call first our access number and after your destination number including the country code. By calling this number, you get charged like a local call from your telephone operator and we charge you the destination call according our cheap rate list.
    • Using a generic SIP software and adding your sip credential. You find the SIP credential and configuration method inside the web login panel.
  • Use our service with your Computer and try the following options by:

    • Using our VoIP Softphone for your Computer (downloadable inside the web login panel)
    • Downloading a generic SIP software and adding your sip credential. You find the SIP credential and configuration method inside the web login panel.
  • Use our service with your Landline Phone and try the following options by:

    • Calling with your Landline a local access number. The Access number works like a calling card; you need to call first our access number and after your destination number including the country code. By calling this number, you get charged like a local call from your mobile operator and we charge you the destination call according our cheap rate list.
    • Calling with an IP Phone (like a Siemens Gigaset C610a IP), we set up for you this IP Phone remotely using TeamViewer – takes not more than 5 minutes of configuration time, you just buy the phone on your preferred store or online.

    How is this Local Access number working?
    You may call our local access number from any Landline worldwide. On the web-login you may add your own number, that way we identify the call and will charge your account for the destination call.

  • Recharge your mobile phone or the one of your friends or family, wherever they are, using our mobile recharge service.

    • Log into the 007Voip Web panel. Inside there you will find a button for “mobile recharge” and you may recharge any mobile number anywhere in the world.
    • First enter mobile number in international format, select the amount you want to top-up, and after a few seconds the destination cellphone will receive the recharge. That Simple! Please remember to check from time to time our mobile recharge offers.

    • It was never so easy sending a FAX, simple upload your documents in JPEG or PDF Format, insert the destination Fax number and and hit the send FAX button. Our system does the rest and you, you may come back later for checking the sending status of our easy online fax delivery system.

How to pay or recharge my prepaid VoIP-account?

We offer a lot of different payment options. By logging into your Web-Login you will find your preferred recharge options:

Frequently asked questions

  • User and creating a new account

  • How may I create a new account?
    1. Enter the 007VoIP service center
    2. Fill in a simple form with your desired username, password and your email address.
    3. Check your email address and verify your new 007VoIP account by clicking on the verification link
    4. Check your details and click for creating your new account
    Finishing the above mentioned steps you may now login into your web account area and by adding your first credit to your account you can start make cheap calls to any worldwide destination.
  • Why I cannot login on the Voip software or on my smartphone device?
    Remember that for logging inside the Voip software to use your software login username which is: you_username*opmsecurity. You should type in all including the star (*) character and opmsecurity. For example, if your web login is marcowen your software login username is: marcowen*opmsecurity. Please type and check the correct spelling. You also may use the software login username for the web login.
  • I cannot register because the register form does not accept my inserted password
    We got a strict password restriction, all for protecting your new account. Please follow the instructions for creating a secure password:
    • Do not set a password similar or equal your username.
    • Do not set easy or common word strings like abc or peter.
    • Do not set repeated character strings like abc or qwe or zxcvbn
    • Set a password between 6 and 39 of character length
    • Do not set a password which is too easy to guess like password2015
    Please remember that this kind of password will not accepted by our system during account creation. You may use the automatic password creation tool, just hit the bottom right to the password field and our system will automatically create a secure password for your new account.
  • I cannot recharge my account, what’s happening?
    In some cases, new accounts got an account recharge limitation for a certain time and amount, reaching this limit no farther recharge is possible with the same payment option. Please use another payment option or verify your account for avoid limitations.
    • Please do not recharge twice at a time, wait a certain time for recharging again, you may check the time remaining inside your 007VoIP service center.
    • Restrictions will apply on other possible accounts and restricted.
  • Why we charge a “handling fee” in some payment options?
    Some payment options charging us a very high processing and currency exchange fee which me must pass to our customers. Our Company is very low profit orientated and to continue operate and offer the lowest calling and SMS rates on the market we cannot pay for processing and currency exchange fees of some payment types or countries with a very high processing fee.
  • Is it possible to avoid payment processing fees?
    Yes, absolutely, please use different payment methods like Bitcoin, Sofort Banking or SEPA Bank transfer which is free of charge. These type of payment methods have very low payment processing fees and we may continue cover them.
  • How may I use the service?
    You may use the service with your Smartphone, Computer or Landline or IP Telephone, please check all of this three methods here.
  • Which devices are compatible with our service?

    Following Operating systems are supported: Android, Windows Phone or iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

    For specific details of each version, you can go to the download section and download the specific application for your phone. You can also try a generic VoIP software, like Bria or Zoiper.

    Using local access numbers: The system is similar to a prepaid calling card system; first dial the local access number in your country, followed by the destination number but including the international country code. For a list of countries where you can use our access numbers, log in on the website – settings and check the country list “Local access number configuration” last option on the setting page. There you may also read all necessary instructions regarding. LOG IN HERE

  • Can I use my smartphone with this service?
    Yes. Supported operating systems are Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Enter our download section to download the necessary software that allows you to call with VOIP through your smartphone.
  • What are the SIP settings for my device?
    The SIP configuration may found in the download page, along with the guidelines for configuring devices.
  • Calling and sending SMS

  • ¿Por qué no puedo llamar a algunos destinos móviles de Europa?
    Debido a los altos costos para llamantes que no son de la Unión Europea, no podemos garantizar que las llamadas tengan éxito si se usan identificadores de llamada que no pertenezcan a países dentro de la Unión Europea. Si usa un identificador de llamadas de un país que pertenezca a la Unión Europea no tendrá problemas. Este problema solo afecta a la mayoría de destinos móviles dentro de la Unión Europea.
  • Why I cannot hear well the other person, or why does the other person not hearing my voice? Why I hear an echo during the call?
    Troubleshooting, please verify if:
    • Your phone is set with enough volume to hear.
    • The other party has muted the microphone, or is talking too far from it.
    • If the other party or you are talking with the speakerphone, try turning it off.
    • It is likely that the ISP (your internet provider) is blocking the VoIP channels. For example, countries like Dubai or Ethiopia does this. If this is the case, you can use a VPN to bypass the restriction or use another internet service provider.
    • If this is the first installation, try restarting your device.
    • Some devices got incompatibilities in their hardware or software, it may impact negatively to the quality of the call. Unfortunately, many of these problems can only be solved by the hardware manufacturer. We recommend Smartphone Brands with more experienced Hardware. Best call quality may reach by using IP Phones like Siemens Gigaset IP series.
  • Is my internet connection good enough for making VoIP calls?
    If your Internet connection is 500kbps or higher are eligible for make calls with our VoIP service. Take our connectivity and internet quality test to make sure if your connection is suitable for using our service.
  • Why in occasions does it take so long to get the voice in a conversation?
    It is likely that you or the other party is having a connection latency, which results in this effect. This symptom is largely due to slow connections or internet package loss.
  • What does it cost to call from my country to the destination country?
    When you are using our service there is no matter from which country or location you are calling. Calls always will be charged based on the destination country. You can check our rate page for more information about the cost of a call, or just watch our softphones display before the call connects and the display shows you the exact rate and expected call quality.
    • If you use a local access number, the cost of the local calling rate will be charged from your local phone operator. Check your local telephone operator to know the cost of the call.
  • How should I dial numbers to call?
    Once you logged into the 007VoIP-software on your mobile phone, computer, and even calling through a landline telephone via a local access number, you should always dial the number in international format (even if you are calling a number within its same location or city). International format is: country code + local area code + subscriber phone number. For example, if you call the number 555-5555 in New York in USA, you should dial: 19175555555. For country area codes please check our directory.
  • Why in some SMS I can send only 70 characters instead of 160?
    An SMS can typically be up to 160 characters long, but if you use diacritical characters (accents, some special characters or letters of a regional own alphabet) this limit will drop to 70 characters per SMS. This causes that the characters requiring twice as much space for storage (called encoding). If you see that the character counter in SMS form is reduced to 70, it's because you used an accented character or a special character.
  • Why I cannot call if I have balance in my account?
    To call you must ensure that you have enough credits to make a call for one or more mintues to the target destination. Once making the call, the balance is usually consumed until the available credit runs out.
  • Mass consumption and callcenters

  • Are there any discounts for call centers?
    If you are interested in using VoIP in a call center and you will consume more than 5,000 minutes per month, then you qualify for our plan for mass consumption. This plan includes:
    • Discount on selected destinations
    • Efficient configuration for simultaneous calls
    • White Label service panel with your corporate image (logo and name). Minimum recharge amounts 100 EUR at once
  • Is there any discount if I consume a lot of minutes?
    If you consume more than 5,000 minutes a month you may qualify for a discount on selected destinations. You may also request a customized panel with your company logo and name, and set up your account to make simultaneous calls per account. If this is your case, contact us. (minimum recharge at once 100 EUR)
  • Números geográficos y virtuales

  • ¿Puedo conectar un número que yo ya posea a los servicios de 007VoIP?
    Sí, sin embargo, dependiendo de la forma en como se deba conectar, el número deberá cumplir con algunos requisitos. Si está interesado en hacer este tipo de instalación comuníquese con nosotros.
  • ¿Qué servicios obtengo al conectar mis líneas telefónicas existentes a los servicios de 007VoIP?
    Al usted conectar su línea PSTN o móvil tendrá las siguientes ventajas: recibirá las llamadas que entren en su línea desde cualquier lugar del mundo, directamente en su celular o computador; tendrá un correo de voz altamente personalizable en caso que no pueda contestar; podrá redireccionar las llamadas entrantes a otro número u otra línea física en caso que no tenga dispositivos inteligentes; podrá realizar llamadas internacionales usando nuestras tarifas, sin cargo adicional a su plan de telefonía local. Si desea saber más información sobre las ventajas que tiene conectar sus líneas existentes a nuestros servicios comuníquese con nosotros.