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Virtual number from Czechia (+420)

We offer virtual numbers from Czechia. These virtual numbers are compatible with VoIP technology, wich allows you to redirect all calls to any mobile, SIP or IAX device, using aLaw, uLaw or G.729 encoders, this will ensure an excellent call quality. Your client and you, will hear each other as if you were in the same city.

007VoIP offers its virtual numbers (DID) service. These are phone numbers available on most countries that can be redirected to your landline or mobil device anywhere you are or to a virtual extension by using our PBX service.

Your clients and contacts will just have to make a local call and you will receive them directly to your mobile (softphone) or landline phone, in your office or in your home, even if ure traveling anywhere in the world.

Benefits of getting a virtual number from Czechia

  • High availability from your employees to your costumers.
  • Centralization of all your costumer's calls from different regions in the world to one single place, this will allow you to answer them all on the same device.
  • Compatible with all communication infrastructures: PSTN network (commercial phones), satellite, PBX and mobile phones, conventional phones, etc. It may require additional devices depending on the chosen technology.
  • Do you have a landline number hired to your local phone operator and you don't wanna change it? Convert it into a virtual number. We can connect it directly to your mobile device, so you won't have to worry about leaving on a trip anymore, you will always be able to answer your local calls from anywhere in the world.
  • Call recording in case you need it.
  • Group ring: if a call comes in, it will ring on multiple devices simultaneously, so you can be sure that it gets answered by your staff.
  • Call redirecting to other virtual or physical numbers, or even both at the same time. If your mobile operator blocks VoIP, you will be able to redirect all calls from a virtual number to a mobile or local phone.
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls at a very low cost. Take a look at our fees.
  • Every virtual number that you purchase will have two channels to maximize your line availability. If you have a high amount of calls regularly, you can acquire more channels separately. Don't lose any important call ever again.

Get your virtual number from Czechia now:

City Area code Services
Brno (south Moravian Region) +420-53 | Voice | FAX
Jihocesky +420-38 | Voice | FAX
Jihomoravsky +420-53 | Voice | FAX
Karlovarsky +420-35 | Voice | FAX
Kralovehradecky +420-49 | Voice | FAX
Liberecky +420-48 | Voice | FAX
Moravskoslezsky +420-55 | Voice | FAX
Olomoucky +420-58 | Voice | FAX
Pardubicky +420-46 | Voice | FAX
Plzensky +420-37 | Voice | FAX
Prague +420-2 | Voice | FAX
Stredocesky +420-32 | Voice | FAX
Ustecky +420-41 | Voice | FAX
Vysocina +420-56 | Voice | FAX
Zlinsky +420-57 | Voice | FAX
Toll-Free +420-800 | Voice | FAX | Toll-free
Toll-Free +420-828 | Voice | FAX | Toll-free
Mobile voice + SMS +420-73 | Voice | SMS | FAX
Toll-free +420-800 | Voice | FAX
Take a look at all available areas for Czechia
Term Price
3 months 15.63 € (5.21 € / month)
6 months 28.75 € (4.79 € / month) You will save 8%!
1 year 50 € (4.17 € / month) You will save 20%!
2 years 95 € (3.96 € / month) You will save 24%!
3 years 138.75 € (3.85 € / month) You will save 26%!
4 years 180 € (3.75 € / month) You will save 28%!
5 years 218.75 € (3.65 € / month) You will save 30%!