Cheap calls to Cuba. Now possible for per minute

cheap calls to cuba

Calling Cuba can cause quite a few headaches to anyone in the world.

The technological backwardness of the island and the existence there of a single telephone company ETECSA, which controls everything and which is considered a state monopoly further complicated by the fact of making a simple phone call from abroad. The problems with the privacy of calls have worried many; it is not a secret that authorities might recorded phone calls without the need for a warrant.
Then, calls to Cuba can be very costly and privacy issues are involved, the deal offered by the company 007Voip seems to be very tempting. There are already many customers who use this service, that can significantly reduce the costs of calls to Cuba, which also guarantees the anonymity of who you call.
Today VoIP telephony has won a huge number of followers, therefore, competition between companies is very strong and however, 007VoIP offers great advantages over the others. 007Voip contracted numbers are never recorded and it guarantees anonymity. This part is important because it means that the phone number would never show up in a phone book, nor appear the name of the person who hired 007Voip service.

Another advantage is that the person who use 007Voip could answer the phone from anywhere in the world, where you have an Internet connection and with the hiring of 007VoIP service would receive a free roaming with a fixed telephone line.
However, little of this would matter if the customer then had to pay a large number of euros for a call. Perhaps the most widely used today is Skype VoIP, but cheap calling to Cuba is much better with 007VoIP. A minute Skype call to Cuba costs 1.10 €, while the same call with 007Voip, during the same time, cost .
With 007VoIP, the person you want to call Cuba is the cheapest option on the market, thanks to 007VoIP managed to sign a valuable ETECSA agreement with the company, by which all calls, even those from the most remote part of the Earth, will cost only 69-euro cents a minute. Therefore, anyone trying to call Cuba cheap Internet can finally find a real deal, valuable, credible and has drawn the attention of many customers.
With 007VoIP, the person has the possibility of having a fixed number … anywhere in the world, without having to worry about roaming. The company that created the 007Voip servers installed everywhere, so once the customer purchases the VoIP virtual number, port to the number of incoming calls to landlines, located in the homes where they live.